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Frequent changes of body positions, including alternating between sitting and standing, helps to avoid fatigue.

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Továbbiak megtekintése Sitting or standing? Which is best? In this video, scientists give their opinion on the risks of both sitting and standing.

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Továbbiak megtekintése Up and down - again and again! People are meant to move!

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Without movement not only does the cardiovascular system suffers, but also and in particular the muscula skeletal system. Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributor to disability worldwide, with low back pain being the single leading cause of disability. Továbbiak megtekintése Physical activity at the workplace This publication provides an overview of best practices on physical activity in the workplace, including case examples.

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It identifies which types of workplace physical activity interventions are effective in changing physical activity behaviour in different work sectors and types of workplace. Továbbiak megtekintése Why sitting is bad for you - Murat Dalkilinç Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise.

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But nowadays, our lifestyles make us musculoskeletal és cukorbetegség kezelése much more than we move around. Are our bodies built for such a sedentary existence?

In this Ted-ed animated video, Murat Dalkilinç investigates the hidden risks of Továbbiak megtekintése.