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Tasks G2 Reading Comprehension Read this a. Mark the sentence A if it is true according to the article. Diabetes mellitus research articles pdf the sentence B if it is false according to the article.

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Mark it C if, on the hasis of the artide, it cannot be dedded i. Write the letters in the boxes after the sentences.

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An example 0 has been given for you. Searchers have only recently started to pay attention to the importance of friendship and social :orks in overall health. Another study established that - :ig social ties could promote brain health as we age. Furthermore, having the friends nearby or the amount of contact "ith a friend was not associated with folk kezelések diabetes mellitus seed len.

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Just having fr iends was enough. It is likely, however, that besides People with strong friendships are even less likely than others to :-et colds, which may be due to having lower stress levels since people with friends always have B The woman who recovered from breast cancer did not need the help of her family members to get better.

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E Having friends is good for your health only if you see them often. B People with a lot of friends are more likely to receive proper health care than those with no friends. Your task is to ftnish the sentences below using between words. There is an example 0 at the beginning. Young ladies Consuming Alcohol E One of the reasons why female college students drink is because they want to i""'p.

It can relieve breathing difficulties by drinking it. For asthmatics, milk thistle tea is useful to calm the spasmodic reaction and help pave the way so that the breathing can be smooth, easy and quiet.

Holidays and Celebrations As a little girl climbed onto Santa's lap, Santa 1 asked the usual, 'And what would you hke for Christmas? D What have you heard of Christmas celebrations in other English-speaking countries?

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E How do the Hungarians celebrate New Year? D How is New Year's celebrated in England?

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J What do you know about Easter celebrations in the US? J What public holidays are there in Hungary? G How do the English celebrate May Day? Jml What is Guy Fawkes Night?

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JD How is Armistice Day celebrated? What do Americans celebrate on the third Monday ofJanuary? What is Memorial Day? J What unusual holiday celebration do you fmd interesting?

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Track Birthdays are usually celebrated at the weekend so that not only the immediate family but also those relatives who live far awa can come.

There is a big dinner after which the celebrated folk kezelések diabetes mellitus seed len of the family blows out the candles on the cake and gets presents.

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  • И в то же самое время она была более чем удивлена, впервые осознав, что существует какая-то тайна, перед которой ее личные желания и интересы выглядят, в сущности, тривиальными.

The celebration of namedays and wedding anniversaries is not a very big event in all families. At Christmas and Easter, Hungariar families usually spend not only one day together but they invite relatives or go to visít therr for two or three days. El What are namedays?

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Nameday celebrations have a Christian origir though nowadays there is no longer any concrete connection to Christianity. Some popular names have several namedays, so the person can choOSl on which day to celebrate. The first tradition connected to Christmas takes place on the 6th of December when Sant Claus comes to put candies and small toys in red bags into the boots of children.

Всеземной транспорт и мгновенные средства связи давали людям возможность осуществлять все необходимые контакты с остальным миром, и они не испытывали ни малейшей необходимости ютиться в тесноте городов, в толчее миллионов своих современников. Лиз в те ранние времена мало чем отличался от сотен других поселений.

But the most irnportant day is CfiristmasEve whe· the family comes together for the Christmas dinner. The traditional dishes are fish sour stuffed cabbage, and poppy seed and nut rolls.

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On this day the Christmas tree is decorated with sweets and cookies, brightly coloured lights, glass ornaments and sparklers, and then Christmas presents are placed under it. While parents and elder brothers and sisters decorate the tree, kids are taken to the cinema or for a walk so that they can believe that baby Jesus and angels have brought the decorated tree and the gifts. The beautifully wrapped presents are opened ín the evening either before or after the dinner.