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Scope Article 1 Purpose of the Convention The purpose of this Convention, within the framework of the strategy and programme of activities of UNESCO in the area of physical education and sport, is to promote the prevention of and the fight against doping in sport, with a view to its elimination. However, in case of conflict the provisions of the Convention will prevail. For the purposes of this Convention: 1.

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This includes, for example, the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, other major event organizations that conduct testing at their events, the World Anti-Doping Agency, international federations best diuretic for type 2 diabetes national anti-doping organizations.

Article 3 Means to achieve the purpose of the Convention In order to achieve the purpose of the Convention, States Parties undertake to: a adopt appropriate measures at the national and international levels which are consistent with the principles of the Code; b encourage all forms of international cooperation aimed at protecting athletes and ethics in sport and at sharing the results of research; c xxxxxx international cooperation between States Parties and leading organizations in the fight against doping in sport, in particular with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Article 4 Relationship of the Convention to the Code 1.

A sportbeli dopping elleni nemzetközi egyezmény (egységes szerkezetben)

In order to coordinate the implementation, at the national and international levels, of the fight against doping in sport, States Parties commit themselves to the principles of the Code as the basis for the measures provided for in Article 5 of this Convention. Nothing in this Convention prevents States Parties from adopting additional measures complementary to the Code.

The Code and the most current version of Appendices 2 and 3 are reproduced for information purposes and are not an integral part of this Convention.

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The Appendices as such do not create any binding obligations under international law for States Parties. The Annexes are an integral part of this Convention.

Table of Contents

Article 5 Measures to achieve the objectives of the Convention In abiding by the obligations contained in this Convention, each State Party undertakes to adopt appropriate measures. Such measures may include legislation, regulation, policies or administrative practices. Article 6 Relationship to other international instruments This Convention shall not alter the rights and obligations of States Parties which arise from other agreements previously concluded and consistent with the object and purpose of this Convention.

This does not affect the enjoyment by other States Parties of their rights or the performance of their obligations under this Convention.

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To meet their obligations under this Convention, States Parties may rely on anti-doping organizations as well as best diuretic for type 2 diabetes authorities and organizations. Article 8 Restricting the availability and use in sport of prohibited substances and methods 1.

States Parties shall, where appropriate, adopt measures to restrict the availability of prohibited substances and methods in order to restrict their use in sport by athletes, unless the use is based upon a therapeutic use exemption.

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These include measures against trafficking to athletes and, to this end, measures to control production, movement, importation, distribution and sale. States Parties shall adopt, or encourage, where appropriate, the relevant entities within their jurisdictions to adopt measures to prevent and to restrict the use and possession of prohibited substances and methods by athletes in sport, unless the use is based upon a therapeutic use exemption.

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No measures taken pursuant to this Convention will impede the availability for legitimate purposes of substances and methods otherwise prohibited or controlled in sport. Article 9 Measures against athlete support personnel States Parties shall themselves take measures or encourage sports organizations and anti- doping organizations to adopt measures, including sanctions or penalties, aimed at athlete support personnel who commit an anti-doping rule violation or other offence connected with doping in sport.

Article 10 Nutritional supplements States Parties, where appropriate, shall encourage producers and distributors of nutritional supplements to establish best practices in the marketing and distribution of nutritional supplements, including information regarding their analytic composition and quality assurance.

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Article 11 Financial measures Best diuretic for type 2 diabetes Parties shall, where appropriate: a provide funding within their respective budgets to support a national testing programme across all sports or assist sports organizations and anti-doping organizations in financing doping controls either by direct subsidies or grants, or by recognizing the costs of such controls when determining the overall subsidies or grants to be awarded to those organizations; b take steps to withhold best diuretic for type 2 diabetes financial support to individual athletes or athlete support personnel who have been suspended following an anti-doping rule violation, during the period of their suspension; c withhold some or all financial or other sport-related support from any sports organization or anti-doping organization not in compliance with the Code or applicable anti- doping rules adopted pursuant to the Code.

Article 12 Measures to facilitate doping control States Parties shall, where appropriate: a encourage and facilitate the implementation by sports organizations and anti-doping organizations within their jurisdiction of doping controls in a manner consistent with the Code, including no-advance notice, out-of-competition and in-competition testing; b encourage and facilitate the negotiation by sports organizations and anti-doping organizations of agreements permitting their members to be tested by duly authorized doping control teams from other countries; c undertake to assist the sports organizations and anti-doping organizations within their jurisdiction in gaining access to an accredited doping control laboratory for the purposes of doping control analysis.

In particular, States Parties with accredited doping control laboratories should encourage laboratories within their jurisdiction to assist other States Parties in enabling them to acquire the experience, skills and techniques necessary to establish their own laboratories should they wish to do so; f encourage and support reciprocal testing arrangements between designated anti-doping organizations, in conformity with the Code; g mutually recognize the doping control procedures and test results management, including the sport sanctions thereof, of any anti-doping organization that are consistent with the Code.

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Article 17 Voluntary Fund 1. All contributions by States Parties and other actors shall be voluntary.


Article 18 Use and governance of the Voluntary Fund Resources in the Voluntary Fund shall be allocated by the Conference of Parties for the financing of activities approved by it, notably to assist States Parties in developing and implementing anti-doping programmes, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention, taking into consideration the goals of the World Anti-Doping Agency, and may serve to cover functioning costs of this Convention.

No political, economic or other conditions may be attached to contributions made to the Voluntary Fund. States Parties shall undertake, within their means, to support, devise or implement education and training programmes on anti-doping. For the sporting community in general, these programmes should aim to provide updated and accurate information on: a the harm of doping to the ethical values of sport; b the health consequences of doping.

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Such information shall include the consequences of committing an anti-doping rule violation; c the list of prohibited substances and methods and therapeutic use exemptions; d nutritional supplements. Article 20 Professional codes of conduct States Parties shall encourage relevant competent professional associations and institutions to develop and implement appropriate codes of conduct, good practice and ethics related to anti-doping in sport that are consistent with the Code. Article 21 Involvement of athletes and athlete support personnel States Parties shall promote and, within their means, support active participation cukor cukorbetegség kezelése képek athletes and athlete support personnel in all facets of the anti-doping work of sports and other relevant organizations and encourage sports organizations within their jurisdiction to do likewise.

Article 22 Sports organizations and ongoing education and training on anti-doping States Parties shall encourage sports organizations and anti-doping organizations to implement ongoing education and training programmes for all athletes and athlete support personnel on the subjects identified in Article Article 23 Cooperation in education and training States Parties shall cooperate mutually and with the relevant organizations to share, where appropriate, information, expertise and experience on effective anti-doping programmes.

Egy sportoló ugyanakkor visszamenőleges hatállyal is kérelmezhet TUE-t de ekkor is teljesítenie kell a 4. Az ilyen helyzetekben a doppingellenes szervezetnek engedélyeznie kell a sportoló számára, hogy visszamenőleges hatályú TUE-t kérelmezzen ha azt a sportoló előre nem kérelmezte.

RESEARCH Article 24 Promotion of research in anti-doping States Parties undertake, within their means, to encourage and promote anti-doping research in cooperation with sports and other relevant organizations on: a prevention, detection methods, behavioural and social aspects, and the health consequences of doping; b ways and means of devising scientifically-based physiological and psychological training programmes respectful of the integrity of the person; c the use of all emerging substances and methods resulting from scientific developments.